Club Equipment Services

Kelli is a master club fitter and utilizes today’s current technology in her teaching and servicing, including TrackMan, Foresight Sports GQuad, KVest, V1 video, and the Dynamic Balance force plate platform.

Club Fitting/Gapping

As a master club fitter, I believe Golf equipment should reward the golfer with elements of the golf club assisting a player’s ability to make repetitive athletic motions in balance with effortless timing and tempo. Utilizing state-of-the-art fine tuning equipment with Foresight GCQuad, Kelli zero’s in on the students distances between clubs to fit students to exact precise measurement. Choosing equipment that compliments your journey makes the process easier to achieve for both the student and the teacher. Anyone can read launch monitor numbers, but how those numbers apply to your ability to make necessary swing changes should be monitored by your instructor. Club fitting is an opinion, and choices of club head design, shaft flex, club length and lie angle ultimately affect movement patterns.

Cost: $155 per hour

Ball Fitting

The golf ball is the most important piece of equipment in your bag. You use it on every shot. Learn which golf ball is best for your game through shot making from various distances. Know which ball is your “game”.

Cost: $155 per hour

Clippd + Arccos

Utilizing Clippd and Arccos tracking and game data reporting subscription services, students can rely on curated practice plans and benchmarks that can be easily accessed by the student or their coach to monitor progress and reach player goals.

For equipment and game data Services, contact Kelli to learn more.

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